RW live!

You may think that we only exist on Twitter, but that isn’t actually true. Occasionally, we get asked to talk to people. Face to face. We love it, and have a lot of fun catching up!

Listed below are where we’ve been invited to speak or participate in events. You can also read articles we’ve written for other people on our About page. If you would like us to speak at your event or university, see our Workshops and talks page.


11 April 2019: Tseen presented a workshop for PhD students for the School of Psychology (Deakin University – Burwood) on thinking about career directions, researching pathways, and reflecting on their skills and preferences.

9-10 April 2019: As part of his PhD on research crowdfunding, Jonathan  presented ‘Is crowdfunding for me?’ at La Trobe University.

3 April 2019: Tseen and Jonathan were part of the CHASS ECR Careers Day that was hosted by Queensland University of Technology, Queensland. Tseen presented on engagement and researchers’ digital identities, and Jonathan presented on a panel about research funding.

27 March 2019Grant Camp! Can you draft your grant application in four hours? Absolutely you can! If you focus on writing and ignore everything else. Jonathan will be presenting this Grant Camp at RMIT’s Bundoora campus. Free event – all welcome. Registration mandatory.

20 March 2019: As part of his PhD on research crowdfunding, Jonathan will be presenting an introduction to research crowdfunding at La Trobe University.

25 February 2019: Grant Camp! Can you draft your grant application in four hours? Absolutely you can! If you focus on writing and ignore everything else. Jonathan will be presenting this Grant Camp at RMIT’s Brunswick campus. Free event – all welcome. Registration mandatory.


16 November 2018: Espresso Research Whisperer – We worked with the fabulous Jen Martin of Espresso Science to present a day on research communication.

26 October 2018: Jonathan and Tseen talked to early and mid career researchers at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University, about simple ways to build your network.

8 October 2018: Tseen presented on ‘Researchers and social media’ at the inaugural RMIT Library’s Researcher Week.

25 September 2018: Jonathan spoke at the University of Melbourne Research Administrator Day (RAD) on ‘Transformative moments in research management’.

21 September 2018: Jonathan presented ‘Finding Funding’ to the School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at Swinburne University, at the request of the wonderful Narelle Lemon.

21 September 2018: Tseen talked about building an online research profile and community with RMIT’s College of Business ECRs.

14 September 2018: Whispercon!

4 September 2018: Tseen ran a ‘5 rules of grant club’ workshop for HDRs at the University of Queensland.

1 September 2018: Tseen presented and ran  a workshop on ‘The right writing for your audience’ for HDRs and ECRs at the University of Southern Queensland.

14 August 2018: Tseen and Jonathan talked with La Trobe University’s ECR Network about the value of professional networking, and finding the best ways for you to do it.

30 July 2018: We spoke with the amazing Pat Thomson (Patter) at the State Library of Victoria. Thanks, Jo Lampert (Education, La Trobe University), for organising this.

25 & 27 July 2018: Jonathan presented ‘5 rules of grant club’ at Federation University.

2-3 July 2018: Jonathan presented a series of workshops, including Grant Camp, at the University of South Australia.

14-15 June 2018: Jonathan spoke about research engagement with the fabulous Deb Verhoeven at University of Technology, Sydney.

5 June 2018: Jonathan presented (virtually) at an INORMS workshop on the future of research administration, organised by Ipshita Ghose, with Adam Golberg.

9 May 2018: Tseen and Jonathan were part of the CHASS ECR Careers Day that was hosted by Curtin University, Western Australia. Tseen presented on engagement and researchers’ digital identities, and Jonathan presented on a panel about research funding.

17-19 April 2018: Tseen attended QPR 2018, and presented a paper about “Researchers and social media literacy: Not just about your lunch”.

16 April 2018: Jonathan and Rose Lang hosted a public forum on decoding art and the ARC.

13 April 2018: Tseen and Jonathan presented a workshop to PhD students for the School of Psychology (Deakin University – Burwood) on transferable skills, career paths, and reflecting on their skills and preferences.

23 March 2018: Jonathan and Aysun Alpyurek spoke to RMIT College of Business researchers about the budget in a grant application.


30 November 2017: Tseen was part of a panel and Q&A about research communication for Charles Sturt University.

17 November 2017: Jonathan spoke about issues for early career researchers for Peer review and grant funding: From evidence to practice at Melbourne University.

23 October 2017: Jonathan presented the Real Faces of White Australia project for Open Access Week, at La Trobe, Bundoora.

24 September 2017: Jonathan spoke to Australian Political Studies early career researchers about how to explain their research methods to funders.

15 September 2017: Tseen hosted the 2017 Whisper Workshop at La Trobe University’s fabulous Melbourne city campus. Jonathan will be Master of Ceremonies for the day.

17 August 2017: Jonathan and Tseen presented at the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) early career researcher event at RMIT, Melbourne.

  • Jonathan was on a panel that talks about “Funding opportunities and applying effectively funding”.
  • Tseen gave a workshop on “Engaging with your audience”.

23 June 2017: Tseen and Jonathan presented at New Directions in Screen Studies II. We talked with early career researchers about what researchers need. Thanks, Kate.

31 May 2017: Tseen has worked with the Australian Academy of the Humanities on the pilot ECR development program that runs on this day. She can testify that the AAH Secretariat is staffed with only the most fabulous people. Melbourne.

27 April 2017: Jonathan chatted about crowdfunding with the staff at the Swinburne Department of Management and Marketing. Thanks, Liz.

12 April 2017: Jonathan and John Burgess chatted with early career researchers in the RMIT School of Management. Thanks for the invitation, Sara.

21 February 2017: Jonathan presented on crowdfunding as a research funding mechanism at RMIT’s Beyond Research – Pathways to Impact conference.

15 February 2017: Jonathan presented on crowdfunding as a research funding mechanism at RMIT. (Don’t tell anyone, but it is his confirmation of candidature presentation for his PhD.)


28 November 2016: Together we joined Professor Heaven and others to judge the Speed Dating for Sociology Researchers event at the Australian Sociological Conference (TASA 2016). Thanks TASA and Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) for inviting us.

26 September – 7 October: International tour! Jonathan was at NorthWestern University in the USA. Very exciting! Thanks to the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) and the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) for their ARMS-NCURA fellowship that made this possible.

11 – 15 September 2016: Jonathan and Tseen presented at INORMS 2016. This was a big, scary thing for us because INORMS is the International Network of Research Management Societies. All the research whisperers in the world in one place!

  • Jonathan presented on crowdfunding research at universities.
  • Tseen (with her La Trobe colleague, Jason Murphy) presented on building online research communities for graduate researchers.
  • Tseen was also part of a workshop on social media for university research offices.

29 August 2016: Tseen and Jonathan attended the second Whisper Workshop at ANU, Canberra. We had a fabulous time. Thanks to Inger for hosting.

14 July 2016: Jonathan ran Grant Camp as part of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Research Week.

22 June 2016: Jonathan made a brief presentation at the RMIT College of Business Winter Conference for higher degree students. Kinda happy to be able to present at my own university for once.  🙂

22 March 2016: Tseen presented a webinar for Charles Sturt University on “Building your own community”.

3 February 2016: Tseen was one of #ResBaz’s keystories at the 2016 conference, speaking on her research, life, and the idea of a career (University of Melbourne, Vic). You can see the YouTube video of Tseen’s keystory.


6 December 2015: Tseen presented on managing a digital academic profile for RMIT’s School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing (Marysville, Vic).

25 November 2015: Jonathan spoke at the 2015 CAVAL information literacy conference on libraries as places for building networks.

28 October 2015: Jonathan presented at the University of Melbourne “Researcher@Library” event, on building a network with the outside world.

28 October 2015: Jonathan presented on crowdfunding as a research funding mechanism. (Don’t tell anyone, but it is his confirmation of candidature presentation for his Masters degree.)

20 October 2015: Tseen gave a talk on “What ECRs want” for Edith Cowan University Library and Research Office staff during #OpenAccess Week (Perth, WA).

11 September 2015: Jonathan chaired a panel discussion on university and research crowdfunding at the 2015 Crowdfunding Australia Summit.

31 August 2015: Jonathan and Tseen hosted the inaugural Whisper Workshop.

11 August 2015: Tseen gave a workshop on grants savvy at ANU.

30 June – 1 July 2015: Tseen gave a keynote on researchers and digital profiles, and a masterclass on grants, during the University of Sydney Nursing School’s HDR Research Week.

26 June 2015: Tseen and Jonathan presented at a professional development session for the local chapter of the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS), looking at how blogging can work for university research offices.

22 May 2015 – 11am-12pm (AEST): Jonathan and Tseen participated in a #securework tweetchat, which is focused on the issue of insecure academic work in Australia. We’ll be joining the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), CASA, and the National Alliance of Public Universities (NAPU).


12 December 2014: Jonathan and Tseen presented a webinar on crowdfunding for Charles Sturt University.

3 December 2014: Tseen gave a breakfast talk for the Psych-Oncology co-operative research group (PoCoG) during the 2014 Clinical Oncology of Australia conference, Melbourne.

27 November 2014: Tseen presented at the ‘Digital academic’ symposium convened by Deborah Lupton, Canberra.

20 November 2014: Jonathan presented at Lessons from the #postdocalypse, on the “Policy, funding and industrial settings” panel at the NTEU Insecure Work Conference in Tasmania (19-20 November).

8 October 2014: Tseen and Jonathan presented an online seminar on ‘Getting savvy with your research audiences’ for the Australian Association of Gerontology/Emerging Researchers in Ageing.

1 October 2014: Tseen presented a student workshop on ‘Communicating research through social media’ for the Australian Entomological Society’s 50th anniversary conference, Canberra.

4 September 2014: Jonathan chatted with the UniMelb Twitter group, hosted by @unilibrary. 2:00 – 3:00 pm, video conference room, Brownless Biomedical Library, University of Melbourne.

31 July 2014: Jonathan presented ‘Worth more than money‘ at Crowdfund your research, Ian Potter Auditorium, Florey Neuroscience Institute, Melbourne University, 30 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria, Australia. A talk on crowdfunding for the wonderful folks at FundScience Australia.

23-24 June 2014: Tseen presented on academic careers, alternative academic pathways, and research networks at the inaugural DocFest, CSU – Wagga Wagga.

12 June 2014: Tseen presented the ‘5 rules of grant club’ workshop for ANU Research Skills + Training, Canberra.

3 February 2014: Jonathan presented ‘The Research Whisperer: Doing research in academia’, Five minute introduction to the Research Whisperers for librarians at the VALA Research Support Community Day 2014, University of Melbourne, Parkville. This was a great day, and I learnt so much. Have I said before that I love my local librarians? So should you.


20 September 2012: Tseen and Jonathan presented ‘The Research Whisperer: Research development & social media’, at Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) annual conference, Technology and collaboration track, ARMS 2012, Gold Coast. We spoke about the development of the blog and Twitter stream, and what we were hoping to achieve. This is as close as we get to a manifesto.


November 2011: Tseen participated in a tweetchat on ‘Securing research funding‘, The Guardian Higher Education Network.

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