2017 Whisper Workshop

The Whisper Workshop. New ways to network. New ideas for research.

Agenda and other details

9:00 am – 5:00 pm,
Friday 15 September 2017
La Trobe University City Campus,
Boardroom, Level 20, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne [Map].

If you are lost or have questions, please phone Jonathan O’Donnell on 0425 755 829.

This workshop brings together twenty key people interested in discussing and sharing their expertise. It is designed to increase networks and bring people together to share practice and process. Basically, how – and why – do you do the things you do?

The key theme for the 2017 workshop is building communities.

  • Creating and sustaining research communities.
  • The manifestations and actions of #circleofniceness.
  • Practical insights into developing collaborations.

Past #Whispercons: 2015 | 2016.

Program for 2017

Whisper workshop program for 2017
Time Topic Speaker Track two
09:00 am Introductions
09:40 am Circle of niceness Tseen Khoo We have lots of breakout space, so take some time to kick back, continue that fascinating discussion or just escape from the madding crowd.
10:20 am Morning tea: 20 minutes
10:40 am Building communities Nigel Palmer
11:20 am Collaborations in research Narelle Lemon
12:00 pm Lunch: 1 hour
01:00 pm Industry partners Jason Downs
01:40 pm Crowdfunding Jonathan O’Donnell
02:20 pm Caring for ourselves Rosey Chang
03:00 pm Afternoon tea: 30 minutes
03:30 pm Leadership Denise Meredyth
04:10 pm What next? Jonathan O’Donnell
04:35 pm Wrap up

Key participants

Tseen Khoo, Co-convener

Tseen has written on research funding issues, early career researcher experiences, alternative academic streams, and racial diversity issues in Australia. Since its creation in 2006, she has been the convenor of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN).

Tseen on LinkedIn | Tseen on Twitter (@tseenster) | Tseen on Instagram (@tseenster) | ORCID: 0000-0002-5447-061X.

Narelle Lemon, Co-convener

Narelle focuses on engagement and participation in the areas of teacher and learner capacity building and cultural organisations in galleries, museums and other alternative education settings; social media for professional development including Twitter, Pinterest, blogging and Instagram; and working in academia.

Narelle on LinkedIn | Narelle on Twitter (@rellypops) | Narelle on Instagram (@rellypops) | ORCID: 0000-0003-1396-5488.

Kylie Budge

Kylie researches the intersections between people and technology and society as a cultural geographer/ethnographer. She has an interest in how these connections manifest to produce new knowledge about communication and cultural practices. Her interests include digital and material cultures of art and design; cultural institutions, their audiences and social media; cultures of making; identity; creativity; cultural theory and theories of value.

Kylie on LinkedIn | Kylie on Twitter (@kyliebudge) | Kylie on Instagram (@kyliebudge) | ORCID: 0000-0002-3783-5111.

Inger Mewburn

Inger has been specialising in the study of research education and research student support since 2005. Prior to this she lectured in architecture in various universities and worked in architecture offices for around a decade. Her main areas of research interest are doctoral education theory and practice, research practice and policy, design teaching and online education.

Inger on LinkedIn | Inger on Twitter (@thesiswhisperer) | ORCID: 0000-0003-0683-5255.

Jonathan O’Donnell

Jonathan specialises in finding funding for interesting people. At RMIT he works with artists, designers, educators, architects, fashion designers, writers, poets, media scholars, social scientists and humanities researchers. He is currently researching the use of crowdfunding to finance university research.

Jonathan on LinkedIn | Jonathan on Twitter (@jod999) | Jonathan on Instagram (@jodonnell999) | ORCID: 0000-0001-5435-235X.


Eva Alisic, Accident Research Centre, Monash University.

Claire Beale, School of Fashion and Textiles, RMIT University.

Tim Cahill, Policy, Programs & Evaluations, KPMG.

Rosemary Chang, Scholarship of Learning and Teaching, RMIT University.

Joanne Cys, Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.

Kristy Davidson, Monash Art Design & Architecture, Monash University.

Jason Downs, School of Management, RMIT University.

Natasha Dwyer, College of Arts & Education, Victoria University.

Katherine Firth, Research, Education and Development (RED) team, La Trobe University.

Kate Highfield, Department of Education, Swinburne University.

Sharon McDonough, Faculty of Education and Arts, Federation University.

Denise Meredyth, Education, Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia.

Nigel Palmer, Neoliberal Subject, Australian National University & RMIT University.

Stuart Palmer, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Built Environment, Deakin University.