WhisperFest 2020

On the heels of WhisperFest 2020 energy, we launched The Whisper Collective in November 2021. We’d love it if you joined the community there to be in the loop for future events and initiatives. 

MONDAY-THURSDAY | 23-26 November 2020

We want to be the kind of academy we want to see: inclusive, empowered, engaged and kind.

We have been holding small networking events in Australia for 5 years and COVID-19 inspired us to open these to the world.

#Whisperfest 2020 was a series of online events: workshops, knowledge sharing opportunities and fireside chats around four themes:

  • Monday 23rd of November: Wellbeing
  • Tuesday 24th of November: Collegiality
  • Wednesday 25th of November: Facing disruption
  • Thursday 26th of November: Taking back control

There’s a podcast series from the #Whisperfest sessions! Check out the episodes on your preferred platform: Buzzsprout | Apple | Spotify

#Whisperfest took place online – via Zoom and other channels – in November and was completely free. This event has taken place. Here is a listing of all the sessions.

#Whisperfest was brought to you by the Whisper Collective:
>> The Research Whisperer team, Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell
>> Narelle Lemon from Explore and Create Co
>> The Thesis Whisperer, Inger Mewburn

whisperfest convenors
#Whisperfest convenors: [R to L] Inger Mewburn, Narelle Lemon, Jonathan O’Donnell, and Tseen Khoo

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Here are a few images (screenshots and tweets) from the events – click on any of the images to move into gallery view!