WhisperFest 2020

MONDAY-THURSDAY | 23-26 November 2020

We want to be the kind of academy we want to see: inclusive, empowered, engaged and kind.

We have been holding small networking events in Australia for 5 years and COVID-19 has inspired us to open these to the world.

#Whisperfest 2020 will be a series of online events: workshops, knowledge sharing opportunities and fireside chats around four themes:

  • Monday 23rd of November: Wellbeing
  • Tuesday 24th of November: Collegiality
  • Wednesday 25th of November: Facing disruption
  • Thursday 26th of November: Taking back control

All sessions are now open for registration!

#Whisperfest will take place online – via Zoom and other channels – in November and will be completely free. We will have a full schedule of events and registration opportunities available later in the year.

#Whisperfest is brought to you by the Whisper Collective:
>> The Research Whisperer team, Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell
>> Narelle Lemon from Explore and Create Co
>> The Thesis Whisperer, Inger Mewburn

If you are interested in hearing #Whisperfest updates, you can still join our mailing list. We respect your privacy and will not use your email for any other purpose.

Image by Greyson Joralemon | unsplash.com