The Research Whisperers are happy to be invited to give talks and workshops.

This page provides information to assist with your planning. We’d prefer to commit to events at least 6 months beforehand, and you can see the kinds of events we’ve participated in previously at the RW Live page. The broad categories and particular workshops we’re most commonly asked to give are:

Workshops: 5 rules of grant club | Finding funding | Grant camp | Research crowdfunding | Narrative of ideas

Workshops: Academic networking | Researchers and social media | Simple ways to build research communities | Managing social media communities for academics

If we need to travel to an in-person event, we would expect all travel expenses to be covered if the event is not at our home institutions. Whether we charge a speaking/workshop fee is highly dependent on the organisation that’s inviting us, and the type of speaking engagement requested.

For researchers from our home institutions, please contact us directly or browse what we already offer through our units:

Any queries, please contact