Effective grantseeking – round-up

Photo by Noel Lopez (http://digerata.net) from unsplash.com
Photo by Noel Lopez | unsplash.com

We’ve been so busy, Jonathan and I managed to miss this blog’s 9th birthday!

A lot of the momentum in the posts when we first started the Research Whisperer in 2011 was around finding funding and grants, how to apply, and all the frustrations that go with these processes.

I thought it might be fitting for this sort-of, kind-of birthday post to do a round-up of a selection of these grantseeking articles. They are broken up into sub-sections below, and these are by no means the only posts about grants and funding on this blog. When I was deciding what to list here, I was thinking of a researcher who was applying for their first competitive grant. What might they want to know? What’s the most useful thing to share with them at that stage?

Hopefully, some of these hit the mark for you, early career grantseekers!

Getting started

Planning your grant application



Making applications look good

Applying for fellowships

Grant review process 

Impact and research


As I said right at the start, these are not all the posts there are funding-relevant on Research Whisperer – that would be THESE!

Happy reading!

And if you think to yourself, “I wish they would say something about <MISSING THING>…”, let us know! We are happy to be directed to topics and, even if we don’t know enough to write a post about it, we may well know people who are uber-brains in that area.

Note: Updated 9 June 2021.

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